Tuesday, July 24, 2012

writing on the walls

it's been a while since i've blogged. 2 weeks ago my sweet little boy turned one. it's so hard to believe that a year has passed since he made his grand entrance into the world and changed my life forever. i never knew the joy that one tiny person could impart until he was here. and now, a year late,r that joy is just growing in leaps and bounds. i plan to do a birthday post soon. a sweet friend of mine took pictures at the party so i could just enjoy being mama that day and i need to go through them all. that will come soon.
other than his birthday there is not much going on around here. my days are spent playing with and caring for the sweetest little boy i know and enjoying every minute of it. jason has been super busy with work lately which is a blessing in the financial department but we sure do miss him when he's gone so much! silas is really turning into daddy's little buddy. he loves his daddy so much and asks for him constantly when he's not here. with him being so busy there were a couple days where he left before silas woke up and got back after he went to bed. the next afternoon when jason was home silas would not nap. he's usually a very good sleeper. jason went in there and stood next to his crib and he went right to sleep. he was just missing his daddy. i love watching them together!
well, it's late and my little guy will be up bright and early. i will be back to post about his first birthday very soon. until then i'll leave you with a couple random pictures. we're having fun playing at parks this summer. the last picture is him on a rocking horse at michaels. that horse is now in our possession and awaiting a paint job. :)

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Paige said...

He is super adorable!!! Can't believe he's 1 already!