Saturday, May 12, 2012

he calls me mama

tomorrow is my first "official" mother's day. last year on mother's day i was pregnant and the year before that i had just lost mikayah. needless to say this year i am excited to celebrate mother's day as a mama to the sweetest little boy!
before i had him i thought i knew what being a mama would be like. boy was i wrong. it is so much more than i imagined. it's harder than i imagined too. i never knew that one tiny little person could completely melt me like he has. i have learned that being a mama is more than a never ending babysitting job. there are times when i am the only one that can calm him, and i'm ok with that. there are times when i can't fix what's wrong, and i'm learning to be ok with that. there are times when i get frustrated because i can't figure out what's wrong, and, slowly, i'm learning to be ok with that. but more than anything my heart is so filled with love and joy because of this little person God has placed in my life that i am sure it will explode. it's only been 10 months and i know i have a lot more learning and a lot more crazy times ahead of me in this journey called motherhood, but i can not imagine my life with out my sweet baby in it. he is an answer to many many prayers and am so blessed and grateful to God that he calls me MAMA.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas out there!

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