Wednesday, April 20, 2011

oh baby!

i had another dr appt today. i'm 26 1/2 weeks now. my little man is doing good! he is very active and growing. as of the ultrasound today he is 1 lb 14 oz. i'm so excited to meet this little guy! it seems like it's going by so fast he will be here before i know it!
he may actually be here before planned. my cervix is shortening and is now 1.82 cm. (it's suppose to be at least 3 for a normal pregnancy). i'm hoping it will hold until at least 32-34 weeks. that's what my dr. is hoping for. more than anything we just want him to be healthy!

here is a picture of his sweet little face we got today. a lot of people are already saying he looks like jason. :)
and here is a picture of my big ol' pregnant belly! i feel like he's running out of room.


Anonymous said...

So exciting! I remember those days Kelli!! I wish I would have known about blogging those days or even wrote my thoughts. I am so glad you are doing this! Love you guys!Psalm 139 most beautiful!

Jeremy's fam said...

I can't wait to meet him! He is absolutely a gift! Love you!