Wednesday, January 20, 2010

suzie homemaker

so one of the things i have been wanting to do better is meal planning. i work from home so i have no excuses but i get lazy. sometimes i find myself saying... let's just go get something tonight and that has been happening way too often lately. we have been out of town a LOT the past 2 months so now that we are home for a while i decided to put this into practice. i think part of the reason that i tend to want to go out is because i get bored with the same old stuff. so in my quest to cook and eat at home more i have been in search of new and interesting recipes that are still somewhat easy and not going to cost a lot either.
so i thought i would share my list with you because i'm sure i am not the only one out there with this dilemma. a lot of my findings were from blogs. recipes are always more enticing when a picture is included.

here it is...
mon - beef stew with mushrooms served over egg noodles
tues - chicken enchilada casserole
wed - leftovers (wed is our leftover night because of church)
thurs - lasagna
fri - goat cheese stuffed turkey burgers w/ baked sweet potato fries

mon - lemon chicken pasta
tues - italian meatball soup
wed - leftovers
thurs - mustard broiled salmon, homemade mash pot., asparagus
fri - sesame chicken with fried rice

i do not plan for sat and sunday nights because our weekends tend to be crazy and if we are home we will eat leftovers or sandwiches or sometimes i make breakfast for dinner.
if any of these recipes look enticing to you i would be happy to send you the recipe or the link to the blog.
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happy cooking!


Jeremy's fam said...

Hey. You are so cool. Planning and everything... I'm doing good to actually cook a real meal once a week, but I'm definately inspired. :) Tonight, however, is black beans and rice... just like last night. Next time, I'm making them by the cup and not by the entire bag. Who knew one bag serves 40 people?!?

Kelli said...

hehe. i made that mistake with dry beans too. it was the first year we lived in bwk and i wanted to make black eye peas for new years day. we had enough black eyed peas to last the whole year! :)
you should check out some of the blogs. they're great! and i just joined LOTS of free recipes.

the heller family said...

goat cheese burgers sound amazing!! I need to email you a couple new recipes I tried last week that I loved.

Kelli said...

yes please do Danielle. I would love them. my email is