Thursday, January 21, 2010

sugar, spice and everything nice

jason and i went to tampa this past weekend to visit with some friends of ours and celebrate their little girls first birthday! rachel and i shared in the struggle of having difficulty getting pregnant so for me this was an extra special treat to get to see all of those prayers for her and zac answered in this beautiful little girl!!
at first she wasn't quite sure what to do when the cake was sat in front of her and everyone started singing and staring at her.
then her uncle chris decided to "help" her with the cake. needless to say it did not go so well. but it sure made for a cute picture! :)
the other kids and grandma joann trying to show olivia what to do with her cake.
her cousins asher and maren were there to help celebrate!

opening gifts.
it was a wonderful visit and a fun celebration of a sweet little girl. i look forward to our next trip down there and watching olivia grow up!
thanks rachel for letting us be part of such a special day!

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rachel.lyn said...

thank YOU Kelli for being a very present source of comfort & are an amazing woman, an amazing friend, and WILL be an amazing mother.
i cannot even thank you enough for all of your help last weekend. it meant a lot to me (and olivia, and zac!).