Monday, August 31, 2009

oh baby!

my dear friend erica is having a baby boy in september and i threw her a shower saturday. we had it at the church since in it kind of a central location. i was worried about decorating because it's a church but we moved furniture around to make it as "homey" as possible. i think it turned out cute!

baby bird cupcakes

all of her gifts

cow 'piggy' bank for everyone to sign

mommy with her mommy


the heller family said...

You did such a great job with all the cute details!

allhisblessings said...

Hey we just bought Noodle that same cow piggy bank!

Caroline said...

i was just browsing around sara's blog and saw yours. those bird cupcakes are adorable! did you make them? is that just icing as the birds with coconut as twigs? i also love the bird mobile you made!

ps. i would follow your blog but for some reason that's not an option on your page.... did you set it like that?

Kelli said...

caroline- yes i made the bird cupcakes and yes it is just icing and coconut. they were easy to make.... just time consuming. :) i don't know why you can't follow my blog... i have others that do.

Kelli said...

ok... i think i fixed it.