Monday, September 29, 2008


this saturday was my sweet husband's birthday. we were in tallahassee so we all went out for dinner. we went to a mexican restaurant that comes out popping a bag and singing and puts a sombrero on your head. it was lots of fun.

me and my little enchilada

my mom and dad and jason's grandma

ryan, sarah, jason's mom, dad and grandma

my grandparents (aren't they cute)
and my crazy brother in the background


Jeremy's fam said...

Be glad they didn't splat Jason in the face with a bunch of flan. when we took joey to a Mexican place for his birthday last year thats what they did to him. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Kelli said...

wow! that doesn't sound like fun. jason loves flan but i don't think he would like it all over his face. :D

Clea's Perspective said...

Hey lady.. isaac set me up so that i could blog and keep in touch with the other side of the world. Miss you guys. Say hi to the church and a happy late birthday to jason. much love

allhisblessings said...

just got around to catching up on my favorite blogs... love ya girl!