Monday, February 22, 2010

in my belly you grow and grow.

baby percy at 8 weeks

"For you formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." Psalm 139:13-14a

for those of you who might not know, jason and i have been trying to conceive for about 7 years now. we have struggled with why God had not allowed us to have a baby. we watched as many friends and family members got pregnant and had their babies. we rejoiced with them but inside we were aching for a child of our own. i had been to a doctor in tallahassee before we moved and also one here and when i mentioned my "issues" i was told... "don't worry, you're young, you have plenty of time." well through what i know now was a divine appointment by God i met a friend's doctor when she had her baby. i was needing a new doctor anyway and really felt comfortable with him so i thought... why not? at my very first appt he diagnosed me with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). at first i was terrified but as he explained it i felt better. he gave me some prescriptions and told me to try this for so many months and if it didn't work we would try something else. well after being on this medication for 3 months i am so happy to say that jason and i are expecting our first baby! we could not be more excited! it has been a long, hard and trying road but we know that God's timing is best and he had this special little baby picked out just for us. we are so thankful for all the many, many prayers of family and friends throughout the years and are so happy that we can all now rejoice together at this answer to prayer! God is so gracious and merciful!
i am due october 5th and can't wait to experience this little person grow inside of me. it is truly a miracle!


daylilylane said...

I love you, Kelli and am SO excited to watch YOUR BELLY grow and grow! :) God is so good!

rachel.lyn said...

you are going to make me cry!
i can think of no one who deserves this baby more :)
you have been patient beyond words!

i love you & little baby bean :)

allhisblessings said...

Looking at this post makes me smile. And sigh contentedly. And pray.

Danielle Kagy said...

Oh Kelly! I am so happy for you. I will continue to pray for your health as well as your baby's on this wonderful journey. This is such a touching post!

Paige said...

Sooooo exciting!!!!